Strategic Insights for Higher Education

Remove the guesswork with data-driven insights


Strategic decision-making
in higher ed for
student experience,
program performance,
and financial aid.

Student ePersona Profiles

Student ePersona Profile_Overview

Understand your students as a whole and the successful ones who make up your target audience for enrollment. Identify and enroll the right students for your institution and better serve your current students.

Peer ID & Market Analysis

Peer ID Snapshot

Sustainably successful institutions share foundational challenges and opportunities with peers, given they know who they really are. Learn from the strategic decisions of the peer institutions you most resemble and leverage their successes.

Program Performance Profiles

Program Performance Distribution

Ensure the success of your students and institution with optimized program offerings. Understand how your programs match up to in-demand jobs, if some cost more than they are worth, and how you should be planning for the future.

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