Our team has extensive experience in higher education, having worked with more than 60 higher education institutions around market research and analysis, marketing strategy, branding, enrollment and retention strategies, resource and price optimization, modeling and forecasting for enrollment/financial aid/retention, target market identification, targeted marketing, program rationalization, optimization and opportunity identification, competitive differentiation and positioning, technology/content delivery strategies, and more.

Our immersion in higher education and the services we offer has thrown us into many unparalleled situations that have forced us to develop a unique, comprehensive and forward-thinking perspective and skillset designed to have a major impact on institutions and their students.

We’re serial entrepreneurs, marketers, researchers, thought leaders in retention and enrollment management, authors, and educators who have taught at Clemson University, Greenville Technical College and Charleston Southern University.

Beyond our higher education work, we also have extensive experience in more than a dozen industries including Healthcare, Manufacturing, Insurance, Financial Services, Telecommunications, Retail, and Technology. This broad exposure to the culture, expertise and leadership of these numerous organizations is extremely helpful in a variety of ways. We’ve navigated political channels, learned immense amounts regarding their marketing and production, seen what they do well (and not so well), and most importantly, immersed ourselves in the study of consumer behavior.