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We believe that higher education is critical to economic and societal success. Our extensive higher ed experience has specifically focused on helping students find the right schools for them, seeing those students earn their diploma and ensuring their experience leads to opportunities for a better life.

After working with 60+ schools over the past few years, we’ve found two huge pain points each institution has are finding the right students likely to enroll and succeed, and offering high-demand programs (current and future) that align with the market they serve and their target students’ needs.

Program Performance Profile

In today’s higher ed, the right program offerings are critical. More than ever, institutions rely on tuition revenue and seek sustainable growth. Equally important, their students expect their degrees to lead to jobs and better life opportunities.

Therefore, programs must be in demand with the market and students served. This requires a deep understanding of demand, both current and forecasted into the projectable future, to ensure offerings are relevant and the specifics of the degree align with job demands (e.g., you shouldn’t offer us an Associates degree if a Bachelors is required.

Our program performance profile was built to address these critical issues and much more. Customized to your school and competitive environment, we’ll break down the following:

  • Performance of current program mix and how it aligns with the market served
  • Forecasts on program demand and occupational outlook across competitive landscape
  • Peer comparisons and competitive opportunities
  • Recommendations based on current mix and opportunities uncovered

Student ePersona Profiles

Today’s students have more educational options than ever and institutions spend a significant portion of their budget recruiting students who never plan to come. Even more, unidentified opportunities to recruit students who would enroll are never discovered. Tuition revenue is more important to sustainability than ever. This extends beyond enrollment into retention as it is 3-5x more expensive to recruit a new student than retain an existing, yet retention is at an all-time low (less than 70% nationally). This makes it critical for institutions to understand, identify and engage their target students around their key characteristics in order to improve the enrollment funnel, student experience, and even alumni engagement.

Our ePersona (empirical persona) uses data-driven insights to define the distinct and unique characteristics of your existing and target students. We combine your enrollment data with proprietary consumer data to deliver the only scientifically derived profile of your target students.

Each persona has its own unique student journey based on its needs and preferences. These personas provide a comprehensive understanding of your targets’ key characteristics including interests, goals, needs, demographics, psychographics, buying behaviors, online channel preferences, lifecycle identifiers, key event triggers, and much more.

Reaching these students with the right message on the right channel at the right time in the student journey is critical from recruitment to alumni engagement.

Personas are the driving force behind all targeted marketing efforts. An effective marketing strategy is built around each persona’s unique journey, preferred channels personalized messages and assets to guide them through each phase of the journey in the student lifecycle.

Peer ID and Market Analysis

Understanding who your institution really is includes understanding who among your peers you most resemble. Learning the strategic decisions they have made and leveraging those successful insights can help to lead you down the correct strategic path.

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